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For all the things we love about organic cotton, the plain and simple truth is, it scores tragically low on the accessibility index. How much supply of organic cotton does the world get every year? A measly 1% of all cotton production. And that’s a real problem because, fortunately, more and more consumers are shifting towards sustainable clothing every year. Garment businesses will need to refresh their sourcing strategies and ramp up their sustainable clothing lines to stay relevant and avoid losing out on market opportunities.

Organic In Conversion cotton offers a way for companies to meet their sustainable cotton needs and keep up with the growing demand for sustainable clothing. Exactly like organic cotton, organic in conversion cotton is a product of organic farming practices. The only difference is that it’s grown by farmers who are still waiting for their organic certification. But all throughout the three-year transition period, cotton is planted without GMO seeds and cultivated with zero use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and other harmful chemicals.

High-quality cottonWith no concessions

True to our commitment to sustainability and quality, at B&C, we apply the same care, technics and quality control to all cotton products, whether conventional, organic in conversion or organic. All t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts in our collection of organic in conversion cotton guarantee the same level of printability, colour flexibility, design capability, resistance and durability without requiring any adjustment to printing processes and design techniques.

By adding organic in conversion cotton to your collection, you can expand the selection of high quality, sustainable clothing available to your clients. Without any risk of supply disruptions due to the shortage of organic cotton.

Sustainable cotton forEvery business that cares

Imagine the difference that clothing brands will make if they decide to adopt organic in conversion cotton. They will help build a more sustainable world, support farmers through the long and hard road to organic certification and pave the way for more organic farming in the future.

B&C Collection envisions a world where sustainable clothing is always accessible, organic fabrics are reasonably priced, and cotton farmers are justly compensated for choosing sustainable farming. That’s the kind of future we hope to create by supporting organic in conversion cotton today.